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Tyler Lucas is a Dallas based Video Editor who graduated from UNT and is terrible at writing about himself. This is a list of some things he likes: snacking, basketball (Go Spurs Go), hiking, board games, dogs (especially Maggie and Lyla), true crime podcasts, music, and Lindsey. (He/Him)


Guest Co-Host, Music Director, Rogue

Cody Dry has just recently moved back to Dallas from New York City, where he served as a music director, accompanist, and vocal coach. He worked on Broadway with Book of Mormon, Off-Broadway on Maltby and Shire's Baby (starring Tony Award-winning Alice Ripley), numerous new works and cabarets, traveled the country and Central America with the Broadway Star Project, served as adjunct faculty at the Hartt School of Music, and won the hearts of several squirrels in Central Park. Now that the pandemic has forced him to return to his home city, you can usually find Cody standing upright, staring at a wall, very much like at the end of the Blair Witch Project. (He/Him)


Guest Co-Host

Bryce Hunter is a Dallas-based screenwriter and filmmaker. A native Texan and graduate of UNT, Bryce prides himself on being a justice seeker and worshipper of Paul Thomas Anderson. Past credits include writing and directing Jehovah’s Witness. He takes solace in the fact that he could always potentially win a Pulitzer. “By any means necessary.”

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